November 14, 2018 — Brno

BrMo is a regular mobile conference happening in Brno. This year, it will take place on November 14, 2018. The conference features senior mobile developers presenting about the latest trends in mobile development and other professionals talking about mobile development related topics.



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Progressive Web Apps 101 – Ondřej Chrastina

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are designed to deliver an app-like experience to every user, regardless of their platform. Responsive design and background processes allow PWAs to load your UI quickly, then populate your content asynchronously for a smooth experience even when the device is offline. Do you want to know how that works? Come and see!


Kotlin Coroutines – Lukáš Sztefek

Kotlin Coroutines is a brand new way to handle asynchronous operations in our Android applications. It’s fast, it’s lightweight but is it worth it? And what about the comparison with RxJava? Is it suitable for every project?

The talk will be in Czech.


 How to Sell Tech to Non-Techies – Emilė Goželskytė

Truly great products are ones that have never existed before, but explaining them requires to meet your audience where they are. When selling tech it’s crucial to communicate the idea based upon your customers existing framework of knowledge and to remember that not all decision makers are tech-savvy.


Who owns the Software and what is the Software? – Pavel Loutocký

The contribution will be focused on the legal protection of the software and its problems. The first problematic issue is, how the software is protected by law. Is only the source code protected or is the functionality of software protected (which should be actually seen as more important)? The second problem is, who owns the software and who can modify it. Is it always the author? The aim of the contribution is not only to present what is law saying but also to discuss specific implications more with the audience.


Lightning Talks


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Pavel Loutocký

Head of Legal Department of the Technology Transfer Center of Masaryk University

JUDr. Pavel Loutocký, BA is the Head of Legal Department of the Technology Transfer Center of Masaryk University, he also works as a lawyer at Faculty of Informatics and he is a member of the Insitute of Law and Technology of the Faculty of Law. He focuses mainly on legal matters related to intellectual property (including software protection) and broadly on different aspects of information technology law.

Emilė Goželskytė

Business Development Manager at Skyroam

Emile Gozelskyte is a passionate entrepreneur and alumni of Techstars accelerator in Berlin, now doing business development for Skyroam. Skyroam’s latest product Skyroam Solis is a 4G LTE hotspot which boasts patented virtual SIM technology, aggregates data services from top carriers (300+) around the world, changing carriers as needed to offer seamless connectivity in 130+ countries worldwide.

Lukáš Sztefek

Android Developer at The Funtasty

Lukáš Sztefek is an Android Developer in The Funtasty with more than 4 years of experience in Android Development. He has a passion for problem-solving and he loves challenges.

Ondřej Chrastina

Developer Advocate at Kentico

Developer Advocate at Kentico, traveller, and tech enthusiast.

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Entrance to this event is free and includes great Moravian wine.

14. 11. 2018, Impact Hub, Brno


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