December 2, 2020 — Brno

BrMo is a regular mobile conference happening in Brno. This year, it will take place on December 2. The conference features senior mobile developers presenting about the latest trends in mobile development and other professionals talking about mobile development related topics.



All talks are in English if not stated otherwise.

17:00 - 19:00

Workshop | Retrofitting your GraphQL | Radek Bartoň | Skyroom

As Retrofit is the most used library for making requests on Android in a declarative manner and GraphQL is a promising standard for effective client-driven communication between server and client, we have developed Retrograph library that connects both and allows us to develop new features more rapidly. In this demo, we will show you the basic usage of this Retrograph library.


Venue Opens | Main presentations

19:00 - 19:45

Creating a game in SwiftUI – A retrospective | Pavel Žák | Open space

SwiftUI is a whole new world for iOS developers. In the summer of 2019, I have jumped on the hype and what is a better motivation to master new technology than ship a product, right? In this talk I will cover my experience with SwiftUI, share a bit of introduction into the framework, its pros and cons and try to answer the crucial question – is it ready for production already?

19:15 - 20:10

Flutter Introduction [in Czech] | Tomáš Zvěřina | Sky Room

Tomáš will share his knowledge about five Flutter key facts. In the second part of his talk, he will code a simple app.


19:50 - 20:35

Eyes Tracking with Apple ARKit | Pietro Messineo | Open Space

Augmented Reality and ARKit in specific is an hot topic nowadays so why not to go deeper and explore some of the endlessly possibilities that can offer. In this talk I’m going to explain you what can you do with ARKit and in specific with ARFaceTrackingConfiguration for face detection and eyes tracking.
Then I’ll present you “EyeBook”, an app that is able to recognize the location of the eyes for browse a PDF without touch the screen.

20:15 - 21:00

Multi channel marketing for an app [in Slovak] | Libor Toporcer | Sky Room

Programming a great app is not enough. This all begins. The key to successful sales starts with great developers to a thoughtful online marketing strategy. Identify your target audience and their shopping behavior correctly and build on this information with a thoughtful online marketing strategy. Of course, we do not have to forget to evaluate and analyze your own data.

20:40 - 21:20

Why React Native teams need native developers | Leandro Mazzuquini | Open Space

React Native is an awesome cross-platform solution with which you can just write once (in Javascript) and run anywhere, or… is it?

In this talk, I’m gonna show you some real-life examples of why React Native projects still need from Android experts if they want to create really amazing apps and I’ll share with you some of the things I’ve learned working as an Android developer in the React Native infrastructure team at Skyscanner.

21:30 - 22:00

Lightning Talks | Open Space


Networking | Open Space

Speakers from last year

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Tomáš Zvěřina

Founder of

Tomáš Zvěřina is the founder of, a Google Developer Expert focusing on Google Cloud Platform and programming language Dart.

Leandro Mazzuquini

Android Developer at Skyscanner

Leandro Mazzuquini is an Android developer who has been making Android apps since the dark days of Android 1.5. He has moved to London all the way from Argentina to work at Skyscanner where he’s taking care of the Android side of things of React Native infrastructure.

Libor Toporcer

Campaigns strategist at Invelity Agency

It’s no longer just about Google Ads. The project needs to be considered strategically and all the processes within the project adapted to the strategies. The dynamism of online marketing forces companies to evaluate current campaign results and analyze new opportunities very deeply and regularly.

Pietro Messineo

iOS Developer

I’m a dynamic iOS Developer, with a huge background of mobile development in Swift. 2012 was when I started to have passion for the IT field and I developed “SiriVita”, the first Italian Siri porting. Until now I have several apps on the App Store that you can check out. The most important one? Definitely ZTL City, with more than 10K users, daily on the TOP 10 of the most downloaded app (in Navigation) for payment in Italy.

Pavel Žák

8 years ago, I was seduced by mobile apps development and back in 2011 co-founded Trinerdis — a mobile apps development company. After several years of building client apps, in 2016 I have joined and as a Chief of Mobile Product took care of mobile apps during its boom from zero to 600k monthly active users
In summer 2019 I have stepped down from my position at and started to focus on personal projects – apps written mainly in SwiftUI.

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